Hypothermic Oxygenated machine PErfusion, better organ quality saves lifes


Patient Benefits

  • More organs of better quality available
  • Rapid recovery after transplantation



Benefit for Transplant units and Clinicians


  1. No modifications in organ retrieval

    • Standard organ procurement
    • Standard organ transport

  2. Transport of equipment not neccessary

    • Perfusion during recipient hepatectomy

  3. More organs for transplantation

    • Steatotic liver grafts
    • DCD liver grafts (donated after cardiac death)

  4. No risk of additional liver injury due to perfusion failure

    • In case of technical failure of perfusion system, no risk of additional injury appears, since the perfusion temperature is comparable to standard cold organ storage.

  5. No delay of the transplantation procedure

    • Easy connection of liver (only portal vein) and ECOPS perfusion machine using the organ assist disposable.
    • Only 1-2hours perfusion during recipient hepatectomy is sufficient to repair the liver

  6. Mitochondrial activity assessment during hypotherm machine perfusion

    • Carbon dioxide concentration in the perfusate can predict perfusation duration (maximum 2h required).

  7. Financial benefit

    • Efficient recovery of patients with reduced number of post-operative complications Shorter ICU and Hospital stay




Department of Surgery and Transplantation

University Hospital Zurich

Rämistrasse 100, CH-8091 Zürich



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